Tamaya Sugamo

〒170-0002  1F Tukioka-Bld 3-20-16 Sugamo Toshima-ku Tokyo [ google maps ]
9:30-17:30 / open 365 days a year
TEL.03-5972-4206 FAX.03-5972-4238

Sugamo with its famous Koganji in guardian deity Ki unexpected thorn.

Is that there is profit to improve healing of the disease since the Edo period, worshipers will not die out in the center for the elderly today.

Shopping street Sugamo Jizo street Another fun of worshipers.

Sweet treatment, places to eat, Japanese sweets shop, clothing store, such as clothing stores, are spread along the road of Sugamo station area from Koganji, it is also known as the "Harajuku Grandma" from a woman of your elderly visit many you.

Is there a Tamaya Sugamo to shopping district with such a bustle.